Tuesday, April 21, 2009

At Least Pads Still Have Miss USA Runner-Up...Ello, Apr. 21st

Let's take a quick break from the early-season party that is the Padres' 9-4 start and remember why, these days at least, we can't stand this franchise in the first place.

Correct me if I'm wrong...but it all comes down to money and the Friars inability to: A.) pay to develop good players... B.) pay to acquire good players... C.) pay to keep the few good players that they do have.

All of this belt-tightening has us feeling rather lousy about the Local 9 -- despite the hot start.

But losing the likes of Trevor Hoffman, Shane Victorino, Jason Bay, Gary Matthews Jr., Derrek Lee, Milton Bradley, Ramon Hernandez, Geoff Blum, Mike Cameron, Khalil Greene, Mark Loretta, Randy Wolf and (soon, we imagine) Jake Peavy will look like nothing if the Padres let their biggest ticket item get away.

Along with now being the most famous Miss USA runner-up in history, and America's hottest lightning rod for controversy, Carrie Prejean has -- for the last couple of years -- been a member of the San Diego Padres.

Well, to be exact, she has been a member of the Pad Squad...and chances are she has fired a
T-Shirt or two in your direction between innings at Petco Park.

Now that you're aware of this...what's more important to you? Finding a way to keep Peavy or Prejean?

Well...let's put it this way. If this season turns out the way most expect it eventually will and the Padres are an also-ran by August...I'd rather watch Carrie chuck T-Shirts in a half-empty ballpark than watch Peavy chuck and duck.

With the money the Padres can save by dealing Peavy, they can hook up the hottest item in America to a long-term deal. I mean, really, who cares about wins and losses anyway?

Of course, by keeping Prejean, the Friars' gay and lesbian following may take a hit...but who would you rather have as the face of the franchise? A young lady strong enough to believe in her convictions under intense pressure or an outfielder who -- when the going gets tough -- beats up young ladies.

Agree with her or not, it took a lot of guts for Prejean to answer as she did the other night during the Miss USA pageant when she was asked about gay marriage by (celebrity?) judge Perez Hilton...Personally, I don't agree with her, but it's refreshing to see someone who's not afraid to be politically incorrect...Meanwhile, it took no guts at all for Brian Giles to hit and shove his girlfriend to the ground.

For now our attention is (and should be) on the Padres' play on the field. It has been a fun start to the season.

But when the dog-days of summer arrive, let's hope we at least still have Carrie. With her schedule now busier than ever the former Vista High student will not be able to tend to hjer Pad Squad duties as often as she has in the past.

The Padres have to make sure they don't let her get away for good.

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  1. Give Carrie Prejean credit for showing class in the aftermath. What did Perez Hilton do? Called her by a vulgar name. Tell me which one has class; and which one has class without the "cl." Prejean is classy; Hilton classless.