Saturday, April 4, 2009

Long Day, Good Day

I'm gonna crash early tonight after announcing a doubleheader at Tony Gwynn Stadium.  Aztecs beat UC Davis twice today, 9-4 and 5-3.  

Game one was a convincing victory for SDSU.  I was very impressed with the team's offensive approach, particularly the big three of Meredith/Castro/Vaughn.  They did a great GREAT job working the count, taking pitcher's pitches, and making the starter give in and come to them in the strike zone.  Jon Berger really helped out the staff with his first career complete game.  He twirled a "nifty" 11-hitter, but once again walked none.  Five straight starts for Berger without a walk, and a 2/40 walk-to-strikeout ratio.  Well done.

Game two seemed to be played in cruise control.  The Aztecs just didn't have the same energy after their earlier win and in particular I felt their focus at the plate was lacking.  UCD threw a little soft-tosser named Chew who should have been racked around but instead managed a quality start.  Luckily for SDSU, the Aggies are REALLY bad on offense, so even though Tyler Lavigne was missing badly with location and struggling, he still danced through six shutout innings.  Middle relief struggled, but Addison Reed came on for a four-out save, his NCAA-leading 10th of the year in 10 tries.  It was one of those games that wasn't that great, but it's a win in the standings and can be quickly forgotten about.

Tomorrow the Aztecs will seek to complete the four-game sweep of Davis, the game will be on AM-1360 at 1pm.  Chris and I will call all the action once again.

I'm going to be spending a LOT of time with this team the next few weeks, so be prepared for a lot of material about the Aztecs.  Road trips to Long Beach, Vegas, and New Mexico in the next two weeks.  

Of course I missed the entire NCAA Final Four, were the games any good?


  1. The final Four was great if you liked to watch balls clanging off rim (does that sound right?). Moving on....

    Is the MWC a strong baseball conference this year or could the Aztecs get left out if they don't win their Conference tournament? Things are looking good but I'm no expert.

    When you're traveling with Tony Gwynn tell him that the fans think that annual trips to Omaha should be a San Diego birth right...and really there's no reason to not expect that with all of the prep talent right in our back yard.

    Have fun covering the Aztecs, I look forward to reading about it. In regards to your post question about impoverished Africans:

    Latin America was covered and there's still enough of those shirts to go around.

  2. Traditionally the MWC has been a very weak baseball conference, a "one bid" league so to speak. This year is shaping up differently so far. The MWC has three teams ranked this week (UNM 19, SDSU 21, TCU 25) with BYU receiving votes. New Mexico may drop if TCU finishes off sweeping them this weekend. Still, the Aztecs already have won series from ranked teams USD and TCU, including four road wins against those two squads.

    I firmly believe that if the Aztecs continue on as they have, they are likely to host a regional at Tony Gwynn Stadium. Winning the conference tourney or not.

    AWESOME 19-0 T-shirt pic! You're right, let them wear those, you can keep your 'Nova T-shirt for work around the house or a trip to the gym.