Monday, April 13, 2009

The Future of 619 Sports...

...has arrived.


The website is still going through some kinks and will continue to be developed, but Chris, Danny and I are very excited about what we will be bringing you in the coming days, weeks and months.  

RIGHT NOW, you can go check out our first-ever series of 619 Sports Topically Targeted Podcasts.  Surf around the site, hit the different'll find Chris and I talking Padres, Aztecs, the Masters, and more!  None of the podcasts are overly long, as our goal is to entertain you without taking all day to do so.  

What about this blogspot?  For a while, we will cross-post here with our blog content, but the podcasts will all be at "the net".  Eventually, this site will point to that site, and the transition will be complete.  

My personal thanks to Danny Simmons for hours of hard work behind the scenes to help create and maintain the new site.  Danny is our hidden MVP!  Also a major tip of the hat to Scott Horvath at SDSU for all his continued help and advice.

We're really excited about this, a chance to re-connect with our audience and bring you our daily thoughts via both the spoken and written word.  We hope you enjoy, and please tell all your SD sports loving friends!

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