Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's quiet at the house right now and I need this.  I just got back from the most harrowing 1/2 round of frisbee golf I'll ever play.  My brain is frazzled and my will is shot.  How could it get like this, when going to Morley Field is one of my favorite local distractions? 

Well, it started with an afternoon get-together, with me, Ello, and our friend DVD.  We get there and the place is PACKED.  I guess Thursdays are the good days for college kids not to have class scheduled or not to attend.  So we jump on hole 15 instead of waiting for four groups to tee off at hole 1.  Great plan so far.  We finish 15, tee off on 16, and as we're throwing our 2nd shots, I look back and see DVD leaning on the ridge of the hill like he's been shot.  Well, close enough.  Somebody was teeing off on a different throw and his shot nailed poor DVD in the left elbow, leaving a mark and causing swelling, soreness and a lot of pain.  The jerkoff who threw it, according to DVD, "hit me, laughed, and then said fore".  He didn't even have the nad to finish his hole and approach us.  

After a while the pain receded enough for us to continue, and DVD set to thrashing Chris and I as expected.  In between, my dog Pogi, the pug who tends to drift away in search of the best stink to sniff, got away from me while I was throwing a shot.  Instead of grabbing him I'm dumb enough to think he will just come when I call and I called him...Pogi looked at me and started walking right toward the street, and a car which was just starting to roll out of the parking lot.  The car saw him and stopped, I grabbed his leash, and no harm was done.  Yet.

Then on hole 6, my phone starts blowing up over and over.  Mitzi my darling wife wants some answers as to insurance/benefit questions we are having.  She needs me to call somebody and I do.  I leave a message for my old HR and call her back to tell her this, and as I'm trying to wrap up the conversation (standing over my shot in the fairway) here comes another guy's frisbee, right at me.  I turn and the frisbee zips right by and nails Pogi right in the side.  Yelp!  

If you've never played frisbee golf, the discs are HARD.  Not like the frisbee you throw around in the park.  I was worried poor Pogi would break a rib or something but he must have gotten thwacked in the fat, good placement.  The college kid who threw the disc came up and apologized, and Pogi got some nice petting.  Anyway I was frazzled enough that I was done playing frisbee for today.  We went for cheesesteaks at Georgino's in Golden Hill and that settled things into a much more positive place.  Still, I went to have fun tossing the frisbee, and wound up seeing my friend whacked in the arm, my dog whacked in the side, and my dog almost run over.  At least DVD was nice enough to cut short the sure $38 he was going to take from both Chris and I, and converted the skins he had already won into our lunch.  That was good.

Now, I'm getting ready for tonight's Nevada/SDSU baseball game, Stephen Strasburg's 2nd start of the season.  It's Strasburg's first home start of the year, and before you know it he'll be holding out for millions as a #1 draft pick, so catch him on the mound while you can!  If not, check out the broadcast, I'll be on with Jack Cronin on, the link can be found right here.

A.J. Smith's press conference today apparently came and went without any new news on the LT saga, just that it is ongoing and AJ would "love to have him back" and "hopes he returns".  Seeing as the only way he wouldn't return would be thanks to the Chargers releasing or trading him, the verbal tapdance by the Chargers' GM is totally meaningless.  Here's Chris Jenkins' writeup of the AJ presser.


  1. Hey Craig! I'm sorry your day was not what you had hoped for!

    Hey I started a blog...don't know if I'll be able to keep it updated as well as yours but I'll do what I can. Check it out ;)

    Take care!

  2. I tuned in after Strasburg had been yanked. Give us the low down...I did hear 16Ks...maybe that's all I need to know.

  3. New post up on the subject above...suffice to say he was outstanding tonight, in complete control until he tired in the 7th. He can beat/dominate most college lineups with just his 4-seamer and slider. 6 2/3's IP, 5H, 2ER, 1BB, 16K...his last three batters faced went BB, 2B, 1B, so before that he was at 6.1 IP, 3H (all singles), 0R, 0BB, 16K.