Friday, February 13, 2009

Enjoy the Quiet

That's what I'm doing right now.  The TV's off, the neighborhood is quiet, the pug is softly snoring on the couch.  Rain is on the way, but at this moment it's just gray and dark.  San Diego's sports world is quiet right now as well, but the storm is coming.  Pitchers and catchers are reporting to Arizona, the conference race is heating up in the Mountain West, the combine and draft are lurking in the NFL, which means big decisions for the Chargers' front office.  Right now, peace and quiet.

Well, almost everywhere.  What's happening to Bill Grier's Toreros?  USD has been wracked by injury, overinflated by last year's run in the tournament, and has suffered the consequences, but nothing explains losing to Loyola Marymount.  1 and 23 on the year, 0-8 in conference, and the Lions roar while USD trembles, 65-57.  Grier takes the fall for this one and admits it, saying his team got outworked and wasn't ready to play.  I think Coach Grier is really good and solid, and last year's home tourney run probably helped mask some of the issues he was trying to overcome long term.  But don't expect to see another Pac-10 school sniffing around the Hill this spring like they were last year...

I, meanwhile, will be heading to the other, OTHER basketball school in town tonight.  That would be the old alma mater, the mighty Tritons of UCSD.  It's getting down to the wire in the PCAA season, just two weekends remain before their conference tournament, and UCSD is tied for 4th with a 12-8 (9-5 PCAA) record.  They face Cal Poly Pomona (14-6, 10-5) tonight, and conference-leading Cal State San Bernadino (13-8, 11-4 PCAA) tomorrow.  I watched Chris Carlson's team play well against San Diego State to open the season and hold an 8-point lead before eventually falling.  We'll see how they do tonight at the RIMAC.  The game is on  

The Aztecs take on Wyoming Saturday night at Cox Arena and depending on what my wife does this weekend I may or may not attend.  It is Valentine's Day, ya know.  Our anniversary was already enjoyed with an Arkansas Pine Bluff/SDSU game.  The Aztecs will rout the Cowboys and then hopefully get healthy over an open week for the crucial conference stretch drive.  

Next weekend, I will be in Compton for the start of the SDSU baseball season, and that means the first of Stephen Strasburg's starts for his final season on the Mesa.  Will he pitch a no-hitter?  Perfect game?  Strike out 20 again?  We'll find out on and on XTRA Sports 1360 (yes, Chris and I will be back on but just for the games) as the season progresses!  And for sure, we'll be writing, talking, and covering SDSU, USD, and UCSD baseball here on 619sports.  I may get a chance to play in a media poker tourney while I am in LA next weekend, I will advise.

STARTING ON MONDAY: One of the things I've missed the most from my show each morning is the High Fidelity segment.  Well, we were already web integrating the damn thing, so why not bring it back here?  So each week, I'll have a High Fidelity theme.  You can submit to me your ideas for musical themes, or your Top 5 songs for the theme of the week.  Then each day I will post my pick's video, along with a reader selection.  The fun commences with the theme which was so rudely interrupted on January 20th, '80s SYNTH BANDS.  
Hope you're find a quiet spot in your day as well.  Enjoy the weekend, I'll be back later with more from my visit to UCSD tonight!

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