Monday, February 16, 2009


This week's theme: '80s SYNTH BANDS

The idea: have you ever watched the movie High Fidelity?  John Cusack's character is obsessed with Top-5 lists, both musical and personal.  On my XTRA show, we took the heart of his obsession and turned it into a daily musical bit, picking a theme each week and revealing each day a new song, thus creating a Top-5 list by Friday.  We now resume where we left off when we were so RUDELY interrupted by getting laid off...

My Pick today: New Order--"Bizarre Love Triangle"

To me, New Order is a primary example of the genre, and several of their songs could easily crack this Top 5.  I will go with probably my favorite of their songs...

YOUR TURN: submit in the comments section your picks!  Later today I will choose a reader selection and post it on the site!!


  1. My vote for today: Yazoo - Don't Go

    I can't seem to embed it though, the site is not accepting my tags ...

  2. I'm late since the overzealous security software where I was staying wouldn't let me post, but I'd suggest Blancmange "Living on the Ceiling", or if there has to be something from Softcell I'd go with "Sex Dwarf" or possibly "It's a Mug's Game".

  3. How about "What's on Your Mind?" by Information Society?