Saturday, February 7, 2009


I am actually just welcoming myself, seeing as nobody knows this blog exists just yet.  For those reading this after the fact, hello you have reached the first ever post on, my new all-purpose sports blog.  My intent is to use this as a venue to continue writing, speaking, and commenting on the world of San Diego sports, as well as my life in general, etc.  Clear Channel may have pulled the microphone away from me, but that won't silence this voice!  Hopefully this space can grow into something even bigger and better as the days/weeks/months progress.  


  1. Since you became my "fan" on Facebook, the least I can do is become a "follower" of your new blog. I just put it above Paul DePodesta's on my Favorites list.

  2. Good luck wiht the new blog. I will be following your comments and adding my 2 cents occasionally.

    By the way, I found it strange the Air Force did not even try for an offensive rebound on SAturday evening vs. SDSU until the 2nd half. I have never seen this timid style before.


  3. I read what you wrote the day we all got fired at CC, Jerry100, and I really appreciated it. In those dark first couple of days any kind words or comments were real rays of sunshine. This place will only get bigger and better, but it will be relentlessly local, that's my goal.

  4. As someone who always listened to XX I was just oblivious to my other option....and then I started listening to your whole line-up and it was a great alternative...and then the Bleacher Bums arrived and I thought, "Thank God I can change the Channel!"....what a disappointment you guys lost your jobs.

    San Diego sports fans are now hostages in our own town.

    I've got a few people who stop by and read my ramblings and I'll be sure to send them your way...keep it local.

  5. Thanks so much, Oh Ye Collective Of Pats Haters! I have enjoyed your blog and will now cross-link to it as a follower. Thanks for dropping by, with Chris and I both posting now we're starting to feel like a pretty cool blogspot!