Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chris Ello...Bunch 'a Stuff, March 5th

Don't start....don't even think about it...I know you want to mull it over....but don't do it....

Terrell Owens to the Chargers??....I'd rather have it snow in Mission Valley. say it hasn't crossed your mind yet??....Well don't let it.

The only thing that has made Owens what he is (and that's up for debate) is his freakish skills on the field....His skills are no longer freakish....Owens, on the other hand....still pretty freakish off the field.

Let's just say for a second, the Chargers signed him and brought him in....Phillip Rivers in public: "Man this is going to be up our offense....what a weapon!".....Phillip Rivers in private: "Oh, crap."

Owens is great....Owens is gifted....Owens is amazing....and everywhere he's gone....Owens has screwed up the team....Simple as that.

So don't think about it.

By the way....if you really are in love with blockhead wide receivers, the Chargers already have Vincent Jackson....So for those of you who don't care about team chemistry, you'll have to settle for him.

Speaking of the news of the week is....that cornerback Drayton Florence signed with the Buffalo Bills....Florence couldn't cover anybody in San Diego, and the Chargers cut him loose.....

Then Jacksonville stupidly gave him a $32-million dollar contract...and he couldn't hold on to his starting job there.....

Then the Chargers apparently are interested in bringing him back?...To me, it was a nice ploy by the Bolts to get the attention of Antonio Cromartie, and remind him that his job is in jeopardy next season -- unless he stops being full of himself, and starts playing again.

Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos continue to stockpile over-rated under-performing running backs....LaMont Jordan is signed by Denver on Wednesday to join Correll Buckhalter and J.J. Arrington, who were signed last week......

Quick reminder, folks....there aren't a whole lot of great running backs just sitting out there....keep that note handy should the Chargers fail to bring back L.T.

One more Denver note....the Broncos also signed Chris Simms as their new backup quarterback on Wednesday....word is Jay Cutler was seen throwing his toys around his play-pen and balling non-stop....Cutler's the biggest baby in sports.

"You mean, first you tried to trade me....and now you're bringing another quarterback onto the roster?" Cutler was heard to be saying among the sobs.

Amazing how it seems half the Padres roster is good enough to play in the World Baseball Classic....but.....evidently not good enough to win any games in the National League West.

Aztec new football coach Brady Hoke should spend some time talking to women's basketball coach Beth Burns....Not about the X's and O's of football, of course, but about what it takes to win at San Diego State...

You look at all of the coaches of all of the teams over the past two decades, and it seems Burns is the only one who truly can get the job done on the Montezuma Mesa.

Her Aztecs beat Colorado State, 68-66, Wednesday night to improve to 21-6, 12-3 in the Mountain West Conference....It's Burns' second tour of duty with SDSU and if you take away rebuilding seasons during the first year of each tenure....she's now 100 games over .500.

Don't forget that the Lady Aztecs will be in the NCAA Tournament, and they will play the first two rounds at home, beginning March 21 at Cox Arena.

Four games, starting today between the city's two college baseball teams....The Aztecs have Tony Gwynn and Stephen Strasburg, but once again the Toreros have the better-looking ballclub.

USD is 7-3; San Diego State is 4-5....the season is still early, but don't forget which program has ranked in the Top 10 in the nation the past two years....And this year Rich Hill and the Toreros are trying to get it done, despite losing two the country's top pitchers Brian Matusz and Josh Romanski.

Beth Burns may be the best coach in town....but Rich Hill is easily the most overlooked.

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