Thursday, March 12, 2009


What a win for the SDSU men today, beating UNLV for the 3rd time this year, 2nd time in Las Vegas, advancing to the Mountain West Conference tourney semi-finals.  Chris is in Vegas as I write this on Thursday evening, so I'm sure he'll be checking in later with reaction.  What I can say from the perch of my HDTV is that SDSU played as well on offense as I've seen them play in two years.  Moving the ball, passing from side to side of the court, inside and outside, and only six turnovers for the entire game.  It really looks as if the seniors on this team have finally come to the point of no return and they are stepping up to play team basketball and see how far it can take them.  

I certainly think it can take them right through this tourney and into the NCAAs.  Today's win should definitively move SDSU ahead of UNLV for an at-large berth, and while they might be in even if they lose tomorrow, a victory over BYU would all but cinch an Aztecs' NCAA bid.  


  1. ESPN has been saying for forever that SDSU is getting in. Spain and ZO-Wade are NBA calibur players 69-68 Aztecs over BYU.

  2. Yeah, ESPN has had SDSU as one of the "last four in" or "first four out" over and over...but they don't seed the field of 65, the NCAA committee does, and Aztec fans are used to getting the short end of the stick.

    I still think there's a small percentage chance that if BYU wins tomorrow and New Mexico wins the tournament, that SDSU could get left out. Getting four teams in from the MWC isn't impossible but I would have never imagined it would happen.

    I'm just very happy to see them play as well as they did today, and I really hope they can keep it up, as a MWC championship would really help establish the legacy of this group of seniors.