Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness Begins

At some point I became really bad at picking brackets.  I'm sure I'm just as bad this year.  But in case anybody has interest, I'm taking the #1 seeds in each bracket, for a Final Four of UConn, Louisville, NC, and Pitt, with Louisville beating UNC for the title...and Utah out in the first round.

Sure does make for a fun couple of days of TV watching...


  1. I picked UTAH in every bracket I filled out, and each time I did I heard the voice in my internal monologue, say "Arizona!" So when Arizona win tomorrow, I'll have to kick myself for not getting that plane ticket to Reno and actual gambling.

  2. Too many ads! That's my first reaction to this morning's action. Is it me or have they doubled up on the mind-numbing, game-stalling, rhythm-disrupting spotsets?

    This is just like the WBC. A college game should take 2 hours, period. A baseball game should take 2 1/2-3 hours, unless it's a slugfest or extra innings. 3 1/2 hour baseball games are bad TV and bad for fans, and same goes for 2 1/2 hour college basketball games.

  3. They really need to have more than one game going at a time. Following three games at once this morning was good. Just the one, via the internet, not so much.

  4. Is it wrong to want to KILL the Chevy Traverse "I'm a big girl! I want a big girl seat!" girl, with her cliched curlicues and earnest nod when Howie Long proclaims her "a very SMART little girl!"??

    Maybe not kill. Maybe send to the mountains of Pakistan. Not kill.

    Most. Annoying. Commercial. Today.

  5. No worries here, especially if Howie Long is collateral damage.