Saturday, March 14, 2009


...1 out of 3 ain't bad???

My heart breaks for the men's basketball team at SDSU.  A 52-50 loss to Utah saw the Aztecs at their best and worst, all at once.  At their best, defending and rebounding ferociously, throttling a good team and holding them to 52 points.  At their worst, going minutes without a field goal and turning it over twice on critical runouts, including in the last three seconds of the game.  I really, really hope the NCAA tournament committee grants the Aztecs an at-large berth, and I do think they've earned it, BUT...if you've ever followed SDSU sports, you know that the rug is pulled out from underfoot more often than not.  Until I see their name in the field of 65 I will be doubtful.  

The women's team will still make the NCAA tournament for sure, so their loss in the conference tournament final is a little less devastating, but from what I was hearing while checking in between innings of the baseball game, it seemed like they were hanging onto the lead for almost the whole game before succumbing to Utah.  Poor Chris Ello had a courtside seat for both setbacks, he sends his regards but doesn't have internet access right now.  I'm sure we'll hear all about the Vegas trip in the coming days.

At Tony Gwynn Stadium, the baseball team put together a solid all-around effort in a 6-1 win over UNLV.  Jon Berger had his best start as an Aztec; the senior struck out 10 and walked none in 8 innings, allowing 5 hits and 1 run.  SDSU's offense went quiet for an extended period once again, but rose up for 3 in the 5th and 3 in the 8th.  Addison Reed pitched for the 3rd straight game, inheriting a bases-loaded, nobody out situation in the 9th and striking out the side for his 6th save in 6 tries.  The defense was error free and the Aztecs waited out their opponent.  At 10-6 (2-0) SDSU has a chance to really make something of their week when they take on UNLV in the series finale tomorrow.  The game starts at 1pm at Tony Gwynn Stadium...while you're waiting to see if the men's team's bubble bursts, why not come out for some baseball in the sun?  If not, I'll have the play-by-play on  

It's late night, and I'm back from my friend Bree's birthday party at Ono Sushi, full of Baja Roll, cold sake, Sapporo and edamame.  Jake Peavy has allowed two runs in the 1st inning of my WBC replay against Puerto Rico.  Oh Jake, are you ever gonna pitch big in a big game?  See you in the morning...


  1. I love Jake. I proudly wear a #44 jersey and I'm glad he's on our team....and I have bestowed upon him the nickname, "Big Game Jake":

    2005 Playoffs-No Show
    2006 Playoffs-No Show
    2007 Rubber game of Inter-league series with Boston versus Red Sox Ace Josh Beckett-Out dueled
    2007 3 day Short rest start to stop surging D-Backs-No Show
    2007 Playoff Game 163 versus Colorado (full rest)-No Show
    2008 WBC "Mercy Ruled" by Puerto Rico

    I love his intensity but he has not shown in the games that matter most. After the 2006 WBC he had arm troubles so the question is whether or not we will see a repeat in 2009? If he has arm troubles then not only is the 100 loss mark realistic but he loses all trade value at the deadline to a desperate team who would likely overpay for his services....of course I hope I'm entirely wrong and Jake carries us on his shoulder(s) to glory in '09.

  2. That list is accurate, save putting an '09 on the WBC instead of '08. But yes, it's becoming a larger sample size. As you can read in my post on the subject, you can't take anything from any one game, but I'm sure Jake is pretty unhappy this morning.

  3. Right...2009.

    I had 2008 in mind for the game against the Yankees in the Bronx....I was there...Jake was there for 4 innings.

    He's got nasty stuff but he needs to rise to the occasion more often.