Thursday, March 12, 2009

LOL Bleacher Bums

Presented for your reading enjoyment...John Maffei of the NCTimes just unloading both barrels on Jordan and Earl, pausing to reload, then firing again...I haven't seen a trampling like this since Richie Aprile ran over Beens on the Sopranos, and then bragged about it to Tony:

"I thought I told you to back off Beensie!"

"I did...then I put it in drive..."

Maybe now the Bums will give Maffei the RESPECT he DESERVES LOL!  

MORNING EDIT: Here's Posner's take, from this morning's U-T.  In what might be a first, Jay was the more newsy read while it was 'Fei taking the gloves off and wailing away.  In all my years I've never EVER read Maffei more ticked off than this one.  

Of course, that's exactly, perversely, what Hal and Mr. Lynch should have (and likely might have) expected, they've been aiming to shock on the cheap with a couple of screamers off the street.  They say something outrageous, people call, they talk about it, people complain, but they're talking.  Then, sooner than later, they say something else so far over the top, a big turdpile on the dance floor, that it just can't be ignored, and they get suspended.  And people talk some more.

Hat tip to John for a pair of compliments in the article as well...

(that scene just for kicks below, NSFW...)


  1. Those guys are getting DESTROYED and rightfully so. Boycott XX1090's sponsors and get these guys only if we knew of some qualified local talent, hmmm.

  2. It is dangerous to give the mic to people who do not check facts before speaking in terrestrial radio working for a station run by a PD who probably copy and pasted a dated press release straight from the archives. He cannot either type, or has proven to be checked out from reality. What a laugh they have made themselves to be!

    Time to pull the plug on the show...and management...and replace them with people who actually know radio.